Our Veterinary Services

Wellness & Preventative

The main focus of our practice is on preventative medicine. While we offer a full range of comprehensive treatment options; our ideal is to avoid intensive and sometimes costly treatments by preventing problems before they start.

We always recommend CORE vaccines like Rabies and Distemper for dogs and cats, but other vaccinations such as Lyme, Bordetella, Influenza, and Feline Leukemia are tailored to your pets unique lifestyle and exposure risk. We do not believe everyone should be vaccinated for everything. Surgical dental cleanings should be done every 12-24 months, but we have a long line of dental tools to help in between, and after cleanings. We can help find an option for even the pickiest pet. Bloodwork and urinalysis is another weapon in our arsenal of prevention. Most people associate lab work with a sick pet, but did you know doing annual bloodwork is like us humans having it every 3-4 years? So things can change very quickly. Early detection and monitoring is incredibly important. not only does it give us a baseline to move forward, but is paramount for early detection. In many cases, this allows us to modify and/or implement treatments that can add quality and length to your pets life. We encourage micro-chipping and parasite prevention. It can literally be a life saver, especially during hurricane season. We can help you determine the appropriate prevention for your pet; and if we don't carry it in the hospital, you can order from our online pharmacy.

And last, but not least; we offer nutrition and pre-adoption counseling. While we only carry diets for specific conditions, we are trained to help you choose a diet that is best for your pet. Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference, and can even affect the need for medications or supplements in the future.


As with most practices in our area, we see an increasing number of skin issues. While we can always refer to a dermatologists in a worst case scenario; we offer a comprehensive array of therapies and treatments right in our office.

We offer allergy testing, to help diagnose which allergens your pet is allergic to. This test helps determine whether it's environmental, food, parasitic, or seasonal or contact allergies. Most times it's a combination. It then gives us the option for starting immuno-therapy to start pets on the road to recovery.

For patients whose allergies are not that complex, or just clients that don't wish to take that step yet; we have in-house options available. Everything from Cytopoint injection therapy, non-steroidal oral medications, powerful anti-histamines, and sometimes a combination of methods are used. Medicated shampoos can be a game changer when directions are followed. There are also a number of supplements available to ease discomfort, and rebuild the skin barrier while we continue on the sometimes long journey of finding the right treatment plan for your allergic pet. And for those with food allergies, we not only have true limited ingredient diets, but also completely 100% hypo-allergenic foods and treats. All of which are also available through our online pharmacy.


Surgery & Laser

We now offer Companion Laser Therapy. This is a multi model tool used for a variety of conditions. It has had amazing results with our arthritis patients, and has also been used to speed wound healing, open ear canals in chronic infections, help improve nerve function, and can even be used as an analgesic to decrease pain. The laser can be used alone or in conjunction with medications or other therapies personally designed for your pet by our team.

It is also used as part of our surgical protocol. The laser used immediately following surgery can help speed healing and decrease pain and inflammation.

We offer a high tech surgical suite equipped with heated table electrocautery, full patient monitoring, and anesthesia protocols tailored for the safety of each individual pet. We offer spays, neuters, declaws, mass removals and dental cleanings. Specialty procedures are decided on a case by case basis by the Dr. and team. Your pets well being is our primary concern. Pre-surgical labwork is always advised, is mandatory in any pets 5 years old; and is always included in our surgical estimates.

Home Delivery

We are happy to offer Vetsource online pharmacy for our patients. Vetsource offers the convenience of an online pharmacy, with competitive pricing. And it ships right to your door.

The best part of Vetsource, is they are accredited by VETS-VIPPS; so you know the products and medications you request are coming directly from the manufacturer and not from overseas.

Everything from parasite prevention, anti-inflammatories, cardiac medications, anything your pet might need. They offer prescription diets, and can include auto ship. They also do once a month flea and heartworm if needed.

Also, there is no waiting for a fax authorization. Your request is sent directly to the Dr., and once approved; is emailed back.

And because they are accredited, Vetsource offers manufacturer rebates and guarantees, that you can't find with other online pharmacies. So visit Vetsource through our link, and start getting your medication shipped direct! There's even an App to make it easier.